Fall Clean-up

Raking leaves and cleaning up fall debris can be a lot of work. If it is not a job that you love doing or you are having a hard time finding an opportunity to squeeze it in, relax, enjoy the fall color and let Outside Unlimited do it for you.


Removing leaves and debris from your property is important for the overall health of your landscape and for the well-being of your customers and employees. (wet leaves are slippery) bagging up or removing leaves is one of the biggest headaches for homeowners and businesses alike. Give us a call and we will do it for you.


We are also happy to provide many other additional fall services. Did you know that fall is one of the best times of year to plant? If you have been putting of removing and replacing that dead plant material now is a great time to do it! We can also cut back any perennials and prepare your landscaping for winter. We can winterize your irrigation system, clean out gutters, down spouts, and storm drains to help prevent ice buildup and damage. Give us a call for a free property assessment or to schedule your fall cleanups today.


Fall Turf Care


The fall season is not the time to stop caring for our turf. Grass still needs to be cut, weeds, pulled and of course a nitrogen rich fertilizer will make sure that your turf, come spring will be fresh and green early in the season. The following steps will ensure that your lawn will dazzle next year.


Keep Mowing. Grass doesn’t stop growing until it frosts over in winter. Continue to mow at the same height until it stops growing. 


Water as needed. Autumn rain results in less evaporation, providing plenty of natural moisture for the grass to sustain itself. Even so keeping an eye on the amount of water your lawn is getting (1” per week) will help you determine if you need to water. 


Rake Often. As leaves fall, they block out sunlight and can prevent plants from making food.

Additionally, the soggy moisture they hold can lead to mold and fungi. Raking also helps prevent any thatch from building up. Rake early and rake often.


Aerate. If you did not take advantage of our aeration special last month its not to late to think about doing it now. Over the hot summer months, your lawn has suffered from some degree of soil compaction and heat stress. These two problems are most likely the cause of brown and thinning grass. Aeration will remove soil plugs to allow important nutrients to reach the soil roots. Aeration in the fall will help your lawn be green and healthy next year.


Fertilize. Fall is the single most important time of the year to fertilize for a healthy lawn. The process of aeration and shortly a[er applying a nitrogen rich fertilizer will provide a healthier and better-looking lawn come spring.


Seed. Fill in bare and burned spots with grass seed. Be sure to seed with the right grass or contact the professionals at Outside Unlimited to Power Seed. (Seeds are sewn into the ground). Keep in mind that seeds that do not reach touch soil will not germinate.


Pest Control. Insects in the lawn now can cause serious problems when winter ends. If you notice a lawn pest problem, take care of it now to limit the damage. We would be happy to asses any pest problems and eliminate issues such as grubs and armyworms.


It is important to perform your lawn care steps at the right time. Fertilize to close to winter and the soil will not have enough time to absorb the nutrients. Aerate to early and the process will not be be nearly as effective. If you struggle with finding someone to properly work on your lawn, put it in the hands of the experts at Outside Unlimited. Our fall maintenance plan can get your lawn in the best shape of its life when spring arrives again.


Commercial Snow removal


Let us take the pain and worry out of keeping your property free and clear of ice and snow this winter. The professionals at Outside Unlimited know snow. Give us a call and allow us to put a snow plan in place. You will rest easy knowing that we will work around the clock to keep your business open and operational all winter long. Click on the picture below to visit us online.


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